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Classification and advantages and disadvantages of universal background wall UV printer


Classification and advantages and disadvantages of universal background wall UV printer

Tile wall UV printer

Tile background wall UV printers are used for surface printing of various types of tiles. It is worth noting that because of the different types of tiles, some surfaces are glazed and very smooth, requiring a layer to be sprayed before printing. Some surfaces are not glazed and rough, and can be printed directly.

Tile wall advantages

1, use it to decorate it will make the home's grade seem to improve a lot, and there are many graphics can choose to choose, you can also choose according to your favorite style of tile wall graphic, for example, localized style , European and American styles, non-mainstream styles, etc. You can also make your favorite picture the wall you want.

2, because the production process is to burn the pattern on the tile or engraving, and finally get the color up, so visual look is a great pleasure, basically the color will not change again, moisture, etc. will not be like wallpaper It was not wet for a long time.

3, but also one point is very important because it is made according to your personality, can be made according to your decoration requirements and actual size, so it can be said to be unique in most areas near you.

4. The tiled wall is the highlight of the decoration of the living room. It can reflect the owner's taste and artistic conservation. Therefore, how to use the TV background wall and material is very important, and the tiled TV background wall can let you solve this problem.

Tile wall defects:

According to statistics, the price of tiled walls is not cheap, and some shops in the ground may sell hundreds or even thousands of square meters. If you are online, prices will be much cheaper.

2, Plus is custom, so normally it takes 10 days to buy to see your tile wall.

Suggestion: We can go to a nearby store to learn about the favorite styles and prices, and so on. We can also search on the Internet for the comparison of Foshan Shang impressions.

Glass background wall UV printer

There are two main points of attention in the actual application of glass wall UV printers.

Usually the printing of glass is a mirror print, and the back is looking. The advantage of this is that the pattern does not come in contact with humans and is waterproof, scratch-resistant, etc.

The second point is the spraying of lacquer oil. This post-printing treatment process prolongs the service life of the pattern and improves the waterproof, high-temperature, scratch-resistant performance.

There are still many people who like the simple and modern style of decoration. Using glass and metal materials as TV background walls can bring a strong sense of modernity to the living room, so it is also a commonly used background wall material, although its cost is relatively low. , but the construction is more difficult.

Some metal lines are inlaid properly, and the effect is not bad. Some consumers also prefer to use painted glass as the background wall. For rooms with less light, there is room for enhanced lighting. Made of glass, it looks modern.

Wallpaper background wall uv printer

In the traditional printing of wallpaper wall UV printers, silk screens occupy more proportions. With the demand of personalized and customized markets, uv printers have gradually entered the field of wallpaper printing. Overall, the proportion of wallpapers in the entire uv wall printing industry is relatively small.

After several decades of development, the wallpaper wall has a wide range of applications, many varieties, and convenient construction. Because a large number of productions can be accepted at ordinary prices, it can be said that more than 30% of background wall materials use wallpaper wall.

However, the wallpaper wallpaper wall is deficient in antifouling and moisture proofing. It takes a long time, the color is faded, the life cycle is short, and the environmental protection performance is poor.

Wooden wall background UV printer

We are not unfamiliar with wood veneer, and we have applied it very widely in the decoration process. For example, doors, windows, cabinets, furniture, etc., may use veneer.

At present, there are more and more people who use it as a TV background wall. Because it has a wide range of colors, and the price is affordable, the use of decorative panels as background walls makes it difficult to collide with other wooden materials in the living room and can be better matched. Forming a unified decoration style is also very convenient for cleaning.

If you still think that it is too monotonous, then hang a picture of your favorite calligraphy and painting on the wood veneer. The effect will be better. The use of veneer to make the TV background wall, you can choose a variety of colors, do not have to worry about the problem with the room can not be matched, generally only sixty or seventy yuan a!

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